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Unwelcome Guests

·120 words·1 min
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

“They don’t even notice me.”

“Don’t worry. I called in a favor.”

The apparitions watched from their high perch as a green mist swirled around a couple unpacking boxes.

“What is that?”


The man removed a broken plate from a box as the mist swirled around him.

“You packed this, didn’t you?”

The woman, looking surprised, said, “Did I? Don’t remember.”

The mist pushed over a heavy box, and swirled around the woman as pots and pans spilled out.

“I told you not to put the heavy boxes on top!” she snarled.

“I didn’t!” he snapped.

Above them, the apparitions clapped with glee.

“Come on, tell me what that is.”

“Calls itself Blame. They’ll be gone in no time.”