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One Time Too Many

·215 words·2 mins
Flash Fiction

A cold breeze forced Tommy’s eyes closed as he turned the corner, and walked right into a soft body. Fear gripped him as he realized he’d stumbled upon a pack of fourth graders. They all turned to look at him, their eyes menacing. Clutching his stuffed animal, he took a tenuous step backward.

“Oh look. It’s little Tom Tom with his little Tom Tom Tiger.”

“It’s a wolf,” Tommy whispered.

The four boys roared with laughter.

“Oh, excuuuuuse us, Tom Tom.”

“Do you love your little wolfie?” one taunted.

“Maybe he lusts for it,” another sneered.

The last comment made them all snicker, like a cackle of hyenas.

“Do you Tom Tom? Do you lust for your little wolfie?”

Tommy turned, and ran. Cars honked as he cut across lanes, his eyes blinded by tears. He didn’t stop until he reached the woods surrounding the park. His legs and chest burning with exhaustion, he dropped to his knees.

A cloud of vapor surrounded him, shrouding the world. A dark ember seemed to ignite within his chest. Feeling hot breath on his face, he looked up to see a giant black haired wolf. It’s yellow eyes stared at him, waiting.

Tommy nodded.

The wolf smiled, exposing razor sharp fangs, and launched over him, racing towards town.