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New Assignment

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Flash Fiction

Jeffries handed a paper stub to the man at the coat check. Moments later he was presented with a navy blazer. Draping the garment over his arm, Jeffries made for the elevator.

Once in his room, he bolted the door, and pulled the blinds. Spreading open the blazer on the bed, he took a sharp blade, and ran it along the inner edges. Pulling away the lining, he scanned the assortment of exposed objects.

Removing a stack of rice paper thin sheets, he read through them. After finishing each page, he held it at arms length and ground his fingers together until there was a flash of heat. The paper was ash before reaching the floor.

Removing a series of cards from the blazer, he wadded it up, and stuffed it into a bag. Leaving his room, he dropped it into a cleaning cart. Slipping into a stairwell, he climbed to the fourth floor.

The lock of Room 425 clicked open, and Jeffries stepped inside.