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Innsmouth Station

·301 words·2 mins
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

The console beeped, and a bright green blob edged into the top of the circular screen. Frank glanced at it over the top of a tattered paperback book, and then returned his story.

Sarah asked, “School of fish?”


They had been in the underwater research station for a few months, and the alerts, creaks, and groans of the station had become regular parts of the scenery.

“Frank, um, you might want to look at this,” Sarah said, her voice nervous.

Dog-earing the page he was on, a habit that drove Sarah crazy, Frank turned his attention to the sonar console. The green blob had grown in size, and was moving directly towards them. Schools of fish often appeared that way, but this signal was completely solid, still growing, and gaining speed.

Flipping a switch, flood lights blasted into the dark waters. Sarah ran over to a viewport, eyes searching. “Oh my god”, sshe muttered. Turning, her face white, she yelled, “Frank, RUN!”

Snatching his book from the console, Frank sprinted to the outer door. Sarah was right behind. The seals hissed as the door was closed. Looking through the door’s view port, they saw a giant tentacle burst through the hull of the command center. It swept the room as water blasted in around it. Sparks flew, and within moments the command center was flooded.

“Giant squid?” Frank asked.

“Can’t be, it’s way too big, and the rest of it looks … You’ll think I’m crazy.”

“A sea monster just crushed half the station. I’ll believe anything.”

Sarah pointed at Frank’s book.

“I’m telling you, it looked just like that!”

A crash came from another section of the station. Momentary darkness was replaced with the yellow glow of emergency lighting. Frank stared down at his book, “The Call of Cthulhu”.