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Crime Scene

·300 words·2 mins
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

Charlie listened to the glass of the flash bulb crinkle as it cooled. Using a handkerchief, he unscrewed it, placed it in his pocket, and screwed in a new one. Replacing the film slate, he moved to one side, angling the large boxy camera, making sure the prone body was fully in the frame, and pressed the trigger.

“That should do it Charlie, how soon can you get those to me?”

The voice was from Detective Williams. He was a gruff man, and seemed to be perpetually mad at the world. Charlie supposed that was to be expected in his particular line of work. For himself, he just took the pictures, and still the job sometimes weighed on him.

“Tomorrow afternoon?” Charlie replied.

“Make it morning. Thanks, Charlie.”

With that, Detective Williams started barking orders to the uniformed police. As Charlie gathered his things, he noticed a strange chill in the air.

Holding up the developed image, Charlie saw an odd smudge to the side. Raising up a magnifying glass, the smudge resolved into the shape of a person. Their form seemed to sparkle, and in one hand was a long knife.

He moved to the next photo. The same form could be seen, almost out of frame. This time, however, it seemed to be looking directly at the camera. At him.

A sudden coldness pushed into the room. Charlie could see his breath. He felt a prickling sensation along his left side. Turning, the sensation moved until he was facing it head on. He couldn’t see anything, but knew the figure from the photos was standing there in front of him.

Grabbing his camera, the flash bulb washed the room in brilliant light. For the briefest of moments he saw a ghoulish face and a blade descend toward him.