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You Are The Product

·205 words·1 min
Flash Fiction

“And that’s how I survived.”

Finishing, Jackson leaned back in the leather chair, and scanned the Professor’s face. All during Jackson’s monologue, the Professor had been attentive, but unreadable. As the seconds of silence clicked by, Jackson started to consider that his tale wasn’t sufficient. The advertisement had stipulated “The Most Amazing Tales of Personal Adventure Needed”, along with a generous cash award for those who were accepted. Feeling the plush carpet beneath the thinned soles his shoes, Jackson tried to remain calm.

As if a switch had been thrown, the Professor stood from his desk. Holding out his arms like he was extending a warm embrace to a long absent friend, he announced. “Excellent!!”

“So, it’s good enough?”


Jackson’s elation turned to surprise as metal cuffs snapped around his wrists and feet. A ceiling panel slid open, and a metal helmet descended, bristling with circuitry. Jackson thrashed, trying to escape.

“Now now, show some manners,” The Professor said. Walking around the desk, he cinched a leather strap under Jackson’s chin.

“Just think,” he continued, “your memories will be enjoyed by millions. It’s an honor, really.”

The Professor raised a panel on the desk, pressed a button, and Jackson’s life flashed before his eyes.