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The Visitor

·150 words·1 min
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

Bobby relaxed on a pile of blankets as the annual Perseids meteor shower lit up the sky, this being the first time his parents had let him be out in the fields alone to watch.

Bobby raised up on his elbows as one of the bright streaks of light grew in size and brightness. Soon it outshone all the rest of the objects in the sky. A moment later he felt the ground shake as it crashed into a grove of trees.

Without hesitation Bobby ran towards the trees. When he reached the crashed meteor side, he found a metal sphere.

As he stood, staring, two slits opened up, and a squeaking electronic voice chittered.

“Hi, I’m Bobby,” he said.

The sphere chittered in response.

“No English? That’s okay. I’ll teach you!”

Bobby ran back to gather his pile of blankets so he could carry his new space friend home.