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The Standoff

·300 words·2 mins
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

Simon scrambled over the top of the wooden barrier.

Gregor moved close, and asked, “How many?”

“At least two.”

“Did they see you?”

Simon laughed. “You have to ask? They would be pounding down that wall if they had.”

The two sat in silence, their warm breath hovering around them in the cold morning air.

“Maybe they’ll leave.”

Simon gave Gregor a sideways glance. “When have they ever just left?”

“I’ve heard talk that eventually they lose interest.”

“You hear that from Wallace?”

Gregor looked away.

“That’s what I thought,” Simon smirked.

A flock of birds gathered onto the high branches above them. Both Simon and Gregor watched with interest. The chirping grew in volume until, almost acting as a single form, they alighted from the branches, and disappeared behind the wooden wall.

“This is our chance!” Gregor yelled, and raced forward.

Gregor leapt from the wall towards a distant branch. He caught the end, swinging in the air like a ball on a string. Chaos erupted from the ground as the birds scattered. Two dogs raced beneath Gregor, raising up on their hind legs, yelping. Gregor began to lose purchase.

Simon jumped to the ground, his fluffy grey tail whipping in the air. Both dogs turned, and fixed on him, each with one paw raised. Looking to the left, and then the right, he raced to a nearby tree. Barking erupted as the ground shook with their pursuit. Racing into the tree’s branches, he watched as the dogs scratched at the trunk.

Gregor slipped from his branch and fell. With lightning speed, Simon scuttled a few feet down the trunk. Distracted, the dogs didn’t notice the soft thud of Gregor’s landing, nor his scampering back over the wall.

“What’s going on out there?”

“Just squirrels tormenting the puppies again.”