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Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

“What was that?”

“Nothing. Hurry up!”

The man hefted a bulky metal object, bringing it close to a metal support covered with imperial markings. His arms quivered with the strain of the weight.

“Can’t hold it much longer.”

“Just a moment more.”

The roar of engines filled the air as a freighter rose from the airstrip. The man leaned forward. The magnets took hold, clanging as they adhered to the structure.

“Quick, set the timer.”

“Don’t rush me! Okay, all set.”

“Okay, it’s clear. Let’s ….. Oh no. What have you done?”

“Set it for ten minutes, like you said.”

He followed his comrade’s eyes, focussing on the explosive’s timer. The digital display showed six, then five, then four.

“Oh no….”