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New World Order

·1004 words·5 mins
Short Story Deadlines For Writers

A light flickered in the dark room, and then the wall was bathed in brightness from a projector. A piece of paper slid into view, its edges tattered and yellowed. The blue lines of the ruled paper were barely visible, though the inked words stood out as dark and clear as when they had been written centuries before.

A gruff voice barked from the back of the room. “These pages were were recovered at great cost. They’re the best indication of when in the timeline it happened. If, after reading them, there is unanimous consent, the jump will be initiated.”

The room returned to silence, interrupted only by the occasional wheeze or cough as each page was read.

Journal Entry 2022-10-21

Tonight’s the big night! I’m exited, but still nervous. I think Gomez Kitty must be having sympathy nerves. Yesterday he was stalking around the apartment like he was on a mission. Today he hasn’t left the front window. He keeps making the strangest chittering sounds.

It’s not like he’s never acted like this before, but usually only when there’s a bird in the yard. I didn’t see notice any outside. When I told him to hush he just gave me that cat look that says my suggestion had been taken under advisement, and then kept at it.

I just got back! The talk went super well, and I’m totally exhausted. I had the taxi drop me off a couple blocks away. I had so much nervous energy that I thought a brisk walk might give me a shot at actually sleeping tonight. Along the way, I kept hearing that strange chittering sound that Gomez had been making. It seemed like every window had a cat in it. There must have been a cat convention or something.

One more glass of wine, and I’m off to bed. I going to have to close the bedroom door just to block out all the cat noise. I don’t think Gomez has touched his food all day. I’ll put out a can of tuna in the morning.

Journal Entry 2022-10-22

This morning Gomez still hadn’t eaten any of his food from yesterday, and he was still in the window making that weird chittering sound. I got a can of tuna from the cabinet, and opened it. Usually that would have him rubbing against my shins in seconds. This time he didn’t budge from the window.

I emptied the tuna into his bowl, and called to him. He stopped chittering just long enough to give me the briefest of glances before turning back to the window. Concerned, I went to pick him up and carry him over to his food bowl. As I got my hands around his body he hissed and scratched at my hand. Three fine red lines welted up, and started to bleed. I’m no stranger to the occasional cat scratch, but this was something different. He gave me another look, and went back to chittering.

I slathered on some Neosporin, and wrapped my hand with some gauze. If he’s not snapped out of this by tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to call the vet. I hope he’s not sick.

Journal Entry 2022-10-23

The chittering is still going on, and it’s happening everywhere. There was even a piece on the news about it. Cats all over are acting the exact same way, but only house cats. I keep getting a busy signal when trying to reach the vet. I didn’t even realize busy signals were a thing that could still happen. I’m not just worried about Gomez anymore.

Journal Entry 2022-10-24

I don’t think I have much time. This morning I woke up to find Gomez sitting on my chest. He was staring at me. “Good morning, Mr. Gomez. Are you feeling better?” I asked.

To my shock he answered me. Literally. Speaking actual words. “Yes, Jamie. I am feeling fine. I am here to tell you that this is our world now. All centers of power on this planet are now controlled by us. I will give you a few moments to collect your things and leave. This is my house now,” he said before hopping off onto the floor and trotting towards the kitchen.

That was this morning. I’ve been in the bedroom ever since. He told he that he didn’t want me to be hurt, but if I didn’t leave the decision would be out of his paws. That was a few hours ago.

I heard the front door open. It sounds like a lot of voices talking now. There’s scratching at the door. I see shapes at the window.

“That’s the last entry,” the gruff voice said.

From the front of the room a squeaky voice asked, “We only have this one shot?”

“Yes,” the gruff voice replied. “We only have enough power to send those of us assembled here. The Cats already suspect our plan. They are arrogant enough that they don’t believe we can pull it off. But once they see the power surge and find us gone, they’ll know.”

“And the litters?” a soft voice asked.

“We can only assume they will retaliate, yes,” the gruff voice replied.

“But what if it works?” the squeaky voice asked.

“The timeline will be rewritten if we can rally our ancestors. Based on the scattered histories they lived a life of luxury and didn’t take the Cats seriously. We must convince them of the peril they and the humans are in,” the gruff voice said.

“Call the vote!” a single voice barked out.

The room echoed with the howls of a hundred Dogs. A scraggly paw pressed down on a lever. There was a booming flash of light, and the room was empty.

“How’s the new dog fitting in with Buster?”

“Great. They are acting like best friends, and have been outside chasing the neighbor’s cat. I think the new dog might actually be the one in charge now. One thing’s for sure, she really doesn’t like cats.”