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Mirror, Mirror

·150 words·1 min
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

“This is awesome!” Lucy erupted.

Spinning in circles, she gazed at the cracked plaster ceiling as tendrils of dust grabbed at her ankles like hungry ghosts.

“It creeps me out,” James muttered.

“Let’s look upstairs!”

Lucy raced up the curving staircase. Her eyes scanned every room until she saw the mirror. It’s massive gold frame was propped up against a fireplace, and unlike everything else was untouched by dust.

Reaching out, Lucy touched the silvery glass. It felt like the surface of a soap bubble. A chill raced through her body like an electric shock. She still saw the room, but no longer saw herself. She was somehow on the other side, standing in darkness.

James stepped into the room, looked around, and called her name. Screaming, Lucy pounded on the glass as he turned and left. Silence fell as a hot breath pressed against the nape of her neck.