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·215 words·2 mins
Flash Fiction

“What is it James?”

“The Baron is here to see you, sir.”

“On what business?”

“He refuses to say, sir. Shall I ask him to leave?”

“No, no. He’s in the parlor?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Take your time bringing him through.”

“As you wish.”

Once the door closed, Randall removed a thin brass tube from his pocket. Placing it to his lips, a quick series of notes whistled into the room. A bright blue bird in a gilded cage fluttered it’s wings. With a loud chirp it’s feathers transformed to a bright crimson.


Racing to the bookcase, Randall started removing books, shaking each one by the spine before throwing it to the floor.

“Where is it!” he growled.

The heavy wooden doors opened.

“Sir, the Ba…”

The announcement caught in James’ throat as he witnessed Randall’s manic state. The Baron pushed past him, and withdrew a strangely shaped object from his frock. Randall ducked as he threw a book towards the Baron.

The book exploded into fire, as Randall pulled another book from the shelf. Shaking it, a metallic orb rolled across the floor. Leaping onto it, Randall blew into the metal tube. The Baron roared as Randall, the orb, and the bird, vanished from sight.

Fainting, James struck the floor with a dull thump.