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It's Just Code

·120 words·1 min
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

“We should check with Dr. Chandra. The filter algorithm isn’t finished.”

“We’re graduate students at the best tech university in the world. This routine will revolutionize everything. It’s worth the risk.”

The four nodded, and watched the firmware upload to the immense worker robot that towered over them.

Dr. Chandra’s phone erupted with notifications as he exited the tunnel. It was the same message repeated: “Get to the lab IMMEDIATELY!”

Dr. Chandra punched in the access code, and the laboratory door swung open. Stepping into the lab, he saw four neat little piles sitting in a pool of blood. Eight arms. Eight legs. Four torsos. Four heads.

“Disorder detected. Must organize.”

The robotic voice was the last thing he heard.