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Final Delivery

·248 words·2 mins
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

Josh double checked the address before getting out of the van. From the outside it looked like the place had been abandoned for years. It matched up, so he fetched the replacement pump, and proceeded up the winding stone walkway.

There was a scrap of paper stuck to the oversized front door. The sun was starting to set, so he had to squint to read it.

Called away. Will return. Ice box in the back room. Entrance is granted.


Giving the door a gentle push, it opened with a smooth silence. He had half expected squeaky hinges, and a hissing black cat.

There was a sour earthy smell to the place. He chalked it up to being an old house, and soon found the room with the refrigerator. Grunting, he pulled it away from the plaster wall, and got to work.

As he was replacing the back panel, there was a quick movement from the doorway. Startled, he let out a small squeak, and then smiled as is was just an elderly woman. She was small and frail in stature, and wore a polka dotted light blue dress, like she had just stepped out of an illustration from an old children’s book. A strangely large grin filled her face.


“Yes. All fixed?”

“Yep, good as new.”


The word came out as a hiss. With a blur, Mabel was on him, pinning him to the floor. Sharp fangs pierced his neck, and Josh’s world went dark.