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·300 words·2 mins
Flash Fiction Deadlines For Writers

“Did you run a bath last night?”

Angela gave Jess a strange look as she popped the top onto her tumbler of coffee.


“The tub was full this morning.”

“That’s weird. I hope it’s not a leak.”

“Me too! Catch ya later,” Jess said as she headed out.

Taking careful sips of her hot coffee, Angela walked to the bathroom, and stared at the claw foot tub, it’s white enamel gleaming in the morning sun. She had never liked the thing, but it weighed a million pounds, and would cost a fortune to replace.

Deciding a walk might shake her from her funk, she got dressed, and went outside. A few blocks away was a large fountain. Six wide mouthed green copper fish ringed the top, shooting water into the air.

Angela sat on the rough concrete retaining wall. She was alone, except for a flock of pigeons. Feeling better, she gazed into the softly rippling waters of the pool. Her reflection hovered just above a layer of discarded coins.

Tightness gripped her stomach. Her reflection had long red hair. Reaching up, she touched her recent bob cut. The reflection mouthed, “Wake up!”

Jumping back, Angela’s tumbler fell. Steaming coffee splashed as the flock of pigeons scattered. The world spun, and she collapsed.

With a violent thrash, Angela burst from the tub’s water, gasping. The water was cold, and the bathroom dark. Long red hair floated on the water’s surface. Memories and adreneline flooded through her.

Rolling from the tub, electric shocks raced from her temples down her back as the implants came online. Sniffing, she detected four armed men, and felt the augmentations flex as she tore a metal claw from the tub.

With a fluid motion, she burst through the door, spinning into a ballet of destruction.